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Fall Like Rain: A Story of Renewal and Redemption in Cambodia (Paperback)

Fall Like Rain: A Story of Renewal and Redemption in Cambodia Cover Image
By Nell Corbly, Ajith Fernando (Foreword by)
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Masters student Sophy Seng is looking for a good resume builder, so she takes an internship in her parents' birth country of Cambodia in Southeast Asia. As she assimilates to this exotic land and its people, she's confronted with the true story of a young Cambodian girl. It's a story she cannot ignore; a story that changes her way of thinking. A story of one young woman's journey from fear to freedom.

Born in the early 1980s to survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide, Kunthea can't figure out exactly what happened and why no one will talk about it. Surrounded by a family still shell-shocked by the horror, she's determined to make sense of life, all while struggling merely to survive.

When Sophy discovers Kunthea's lost diary, the puzzle of the Cambodian girl's life comes together piece by piece, drawing Sophy deeper into her world. Confronted with questions she'd never considered asking, Sophy gets much more than she'd bargained for in this six-month internship.

Based on a true story, Fall like Rain is a revealing of the dark realities of poverty; of belief systems rooted in lies, and the ultimate power of truth to stamp out the darkness.

Fall Like Rain is for anyone interested in stories of resilience and courage, foreign cultures and lands, poverty alleviation, global mission and development.

About the Author

Nell Corbly lived and worked in Cambodia for over 17 years before publishing her book, Fall Like Rain, which is based on true events in the lives of Cambodian people whom she knows. As an artist, she enjoys almost anything that involves creativity, and is fascinated by the cultural arts of South East Asia. Compelled by the the stories that informed Fall Like Rain, she began to paint pictures with words.
As a Christian Development worker, she is fascinated by the study of worldview, and how it impacts real lives. Ajith Fernando serves as Teaching Director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka after being National Director for 35 years. Ajith is the author of 16 books, including The Call to Joy and Pain, Jesus Driven Ministry, and Discipling in a Multicultural World.

Ajith has a wider counselling and mentoring ministry with Christian leaders and workers and a teaching ministry in conferences and theological schools in Sri Lanka and abroad. He is a regular visiting lecturer at Colombo Theological Seminary.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781667860435
ISBN-10: 1667860437
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: December 1st, 2022
Pages: 238
Language: English