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Puddleton Farm: Ewing! What Are You Doing?

Puddleton Farm: Ewing! What Are You Doing?

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Publication Date: March 8th, 2018
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Ewing is a little sheep that likes to play in his own way. When the animals friends of Puddleton Farm try to understand his strange way of playing, the reader gets a delightful glimpse at the wildly giant imagination of Ewing. This book illustrates the importance of imagination and pretend play. Authors, Mark and Megan Mariano created the Puddleton Farm characters while playing with their three-year-old son. This fun and silly book urges young readers to let their imagination inspire others.

About the Author

Mark Mariano is a Moonbeam Award-winning and Harvey Award-nominated cartoonist. He's a creative whirlwind that loves to make games and toys, and tell stories through comics and picture books. He's an Adventure Time cover artist, a contributor to Aw Yeah Comics!, The Sakai Project from Dark Horse, and Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream. As proud organizer of the traveling Kids Love Comics pavilion for several comic conventions, Mark assembles the roster of super-talented artists, and creates the programming. Being an advocate of comics in the classroom, he enjoys visiting schools and sharing his love of art and storytelling. Megan Mariano is a middle school language arts teacher and reading specialist. She holds a masters degree in literacy and is a teacherpreneur, sharing her created educational resources on Teachers Pay Teachers.